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SKIN SCRIPT: The Choice of Professionals      Paraben Free

Skin Script specializes in corrective skin care for all skin types and ethnicities. Our products contain kojic and arbutin which naturally lighten the skin, and create an even skin tone.  In addition, antioxidants, glycolics, retinols, and jojoba help to diminish hyperpigmentation and melasma leaving the skin rejuvenated.

Skin Script products were designed and developed under the direction of highly respected physicians and aestheticians to create a unique skincare line to treat their clients’ top concerns while improving their skin’s appearance and repairing damaged skin.  Targeting concerns of aging, acne, clogged pores, fine lines, age spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and rosacea, we achieve advanced results.


this picture shows the skin care brand by Ayur-Medic

Ayur-Medic    Paraben Free


Ayur-Medic uses Ayurverdic herbs and cliniclly proven ingredients, along with the most advanced dermatological reseach to date.  This revolutionary skin care line strikes the perfect balance between time-honored holistic principles and state of the art proven clinical research to improve skin conditions and give the skin healthier appearance and optimal results.

Ayur-Medic products have been formulated to effectively treat acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentaion, balance hydration in dry skin and combat environmentally and chronologically damaged skin.

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